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Social Attitudes of Field Instructors
Social Work Faculty Publications
  • Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Sacred Heart University
  • Janna C. Heyman, Fordham University
  • Yvette M. Sealy, Fordham University
  • Dana B. Marlowe, Fordham University
  • Jill Cretella, Fordham University
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In both the classroom setting and field practicum, social work students begin to develop competence in practice with diverse populations. Field instructors play a critical role in educating students on diversity issues and preparing students to practice without bias. A cross-sectional study was conducted to better understand social attitudes of field instructors participating in a Seminar in Field Instructor (SIFI) training (N=88). The field instructors had generally positive attitudes. Results indicated that field instructors’ comfort level and demographic variables were predictors of social attitudes. Implications for social work field instruction are discussed.
Citation Information
Cross-Denny, B., Heyman, J.C., Sealy, Y.M., Marlowe, D.B., & Cretella, J. (2013). Social attitudes of field instructors. Field Educator 3(2): 1-16.