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Christian Witness and Respect for Persons
Journal of Language, Identity, and Education (2007)
  • Bradley Baurain, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Respect for persons has been widely acknowledged and discussed as a key moral dimension in education and teaching English to speakers of other languages. Christians believe in this value, particularly as it is articulated within scripture and tradition. Recent critics, however, seem to perceive a basic incompatibility between a Christian religious imperative to bear witness to one’s faith and a moral imperative to respect other persons. Beginning from an argument that all teaching is teaching for change, this essay makes a case that the two are not only not contradictory, but in fact should be consanguineous. Key issues explored include what it means to believe in absolute truths, why such belief paradoxically requires humility, and the moral/interpersonal conditions for witnessing and conversion.

  • religion,
  • Christianity,
  • TESOL,
  • respect,
  • witness
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Bradley Baurain. "Christian Witness and Respect for Persons" Journal of Language, Identity, and Education Vol. 6 (2007)
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