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Article mass spectrometry-based Arabidopsis metabolomics—database and tools update
Nucleic Acids Research
  • Preeti Bais, Iowa State University
  • Stephanie M. Moon-Quanbeck, Iowa State University
  • Basil J. Nikolau, Iowa State University
  • Julie A. Dickerson, Iowa State University
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The PlantMetabolomics (PM) database ( contains comprehensive targeted and untargeted mass spectrum metabolomics data for Arabidopsis mutants across a variety of metabolomics platforms. The database allows users to generate hypotheses about the changes in metabolism for mutants with genes of unknown function. Version 2.0 of currently contains data for 140 mutant lines along with the morphological data. A web-based data analysis wizard allows researchers to select preprocessing and data-mining procedures to discover differences between mutants. This community resource enables researchers to formulate models of the metabolic network of Arabidopsis and enhances the research community's ability to formulate testable hypotheses concerning gene functions. PM features new web-based tools for data-mining analysis, visualization tools and enhanced cross links to other databases. The database is publicly available. PM aims to provide a hypothesis building platform for the researchers interested in any of the mutant lines or metabolites.

This article is from Nucleic Acids Research 40 (2012): D1216–D1220, doi:10.1093/nar/gkr969. Posted with permission.

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Preeti Bais, Stephanie M. Moon-Quanbeck, Basil J. Nikolau and Julie A. Dickerson. " mass spectrometry-based Arabidopsis metabolomics—database and tools update" Nucleic Acids Research Vol. 40 Iss. Dq (2012) p. D1216 - D1220
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