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Toward A Human Behavior Models Anthology for Synthetic Agent Development
Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
  • Barry G Silverman, University of Pennsylvania
  • Robert Might, Innovative Management Concepts, Inc.
  • Richard Dubois, Innovative Management Concepts, Inc.
  • Hogeun Shin, University of Pennsylvania
  • Michael Johns, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ransom Weaver, University of Pennsylvania
Document Type
Conference Paper
Date of this Version
Postprint version. Presented at 10th Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation, SISO, May 2001, 9 pages.
This paper describes an effort to foster the availability of Human Behavior Models / Performance Moderator Functions (HBM/PMFs) that the modeling and simulation community can use to increase the realism of their human behavior models. HBM/PMFs quantify the impact of human performance to internal and external stressors, and help to capture the role of personality and individual differences. To facilitate that process, we are creating a web-based anthology of HBM/PMFs that abstracts many 100s of them from diverse literatures, maps them into a taxonomy and common mathematical framework suitable for implementation, and assesses their validity and reuse issues. This paper reports on progress to date, anthology construction issues, and lessons learned.
Citation Information
Barry G Silverman, Robert Might, Richard Dubois, Hogeun Shin, et al.. "Toward A Human Behavior Models Anthology for Synthetic Agent Development" (2001)
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