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Can Applicants' Characteristics Explain the Sex Structuring of Organizations?
  • Barry Z. Posner, Santa Clara University
  • Jackie Schmidt-Posner
  • W. Alan Randolph
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Ammons Scientific

This study investigates attitudes towards the job search held by a sample of 60 male and 55 female college seniors. Respondents completed a questionnaire which included hypothetical job-search situations and items to gauge attitudes about seeking a job. There were no significant differences in the responses of men and women, suggesting that differential behavior of job applicants along gender lines is not a valid explanation for the sex-structuring of organizations. Implications for future research are offered.

Citation Information
Posner, B. Z., Schmidt-Posner, J., & Randolph, W. A. (1985). Can Applicants’ Characteristics Explain the Sex-Structuring of Organizations? Psychological Reports, 56(2), 343–350.