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The Factorial Validity of a Modified Rokeach Value Survey for Four Diverse Samples
  • J. Michael Munson, Santa Clara University
  • Barry Z. Posner, Santa Clara University
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Sage Publications

This study was concerned with the underlying dimensionality of the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS) when an interval scaling ap proach rather than the customary rank ordering method was used for measurement purposes. Factor structures derived from samples of students, parents, businessmen, and members of a general popu lation clearly indicated the existence of two distinct value categories. Their underlying dimensionality was investigated. Findings also suggested that the RVS may be used to differentiate among these four groups.

Citation Information
Posner, B. Z., & Michael Munson, J. (1980). The Factorial Validity of England’s Personal Values Questionnaire for Corporate Recruiters, Business Students, and Business Faculty. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 40(4), 1073-1079.