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The Relationship Between Technology, Structure, and Self Supervision in Professional Service Organizations
  • Peter K. Mills
  • Barry Z. Posner, Santa Clara University
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Academy of Management

The present study examines the relationships among self-supervision, structure, and technology in professional service organizations. Friedson and Rhea (1965) suggest that the self-supervision of professionals is based on the skill of their work. Others have shown that the self-regulating pattern of the professional reduces the need for rigid structuring by organizations (Hall, 1968). In this study it was hypothesized that supervision is more a function of structure than of technology in professional service organizations.

Citation Information
Mills, P. K., & Posner, B. Z. (1982). The Relationships among Self-Supervision, Structure, and Technology in Professional Service Organizations. The Academy of Management Journal, 25(2), 437-443.