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Psychometric Note on England's Personal Values Questionnaire
  • Barry Z. Posner, Santa Clara University
  • J. Michael Munson, Santa Clara University
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Ammons Scientific
There is an increasing interest in the role of values in understanding organizational behavior. One of the most often used instruments is England's Personal Values Questionnaire (I), a 66-item measure of five categories of values: business goals (e.g., high productivity, industry leadership, organization growth), personal goals (e.g., achievement, money, power), groups of people (e.g., unigns, customers, stockholders), personal characteristics (e.g., honor, aggressiveness, conformity), and, general topics (e.g., competition, religion, emotions). Despite its use little information about the psychometric properties is available.
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Posner, B. Z., & Munson, J. M. (1981). Psychometric Note on England’s Personal Values Questionnaire. Psychological Reports, 49(2), 450–450.