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Factorial Validity of England's Personal Values Questionnaire
  • J. Michael Munson, Santa Clara University
  • Barry Z. Posner, Santa Clara University
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Sage Publications
The underlying dimensionality of England's 66 item Personal Values Questionnaire was investigated. Factor structures derived from corporate recruiters, senior business students, and faculty members did not support England's original conceptual dimensionality. Many of the individual value items were redundent. Moreover several were not loaded clearly on any factor. Factor analysis based upon a reduced set of value items yielded factors which were both more interpretable and more consistent with England's conceptualization than were those factors associated with the original PVQ. Factor scores derived from this reduced set of value items significantly differentiated among the three sample groups.
Citation Information
Posner, B. Z., & Michael Munson, J. (1981). The Factorial Validity of England’s Personal Values Questionnaire for Corporate Recruiters, Business Students, and Business Faculty. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 41(4), 1243–1254.