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Gender Differences in Managerial Values
  • Barry Z. Posner, Santa Clara University
  • J. Michael Munson, Santa Clara University
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Ammons Scientific

Possible gender differences in the personal values of business students (100 men, 49 women) and corporate recruiters (72 men, 30 women) were investigated using England's (1967) Personal Values Questionnaire. Multivariate analysis of variance indicated significant gender differences for the value items associated with business goals, groups of people, general topics, and personal characteristics. It is suggested that many of these differences may be associated with occupational position. Managerial implications, as well as areas for future research, are discussed.

Citation Information
Posner, B. Z., & Munson, J. M. (1981). Gender Differences in Managerial Values. Psychological Reports, 49(3), 867–881.