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Nuclear parity violation in effective field theory
  • SL Zhu
  • CM Maekawa
  • BR Holstein
  • MJ Rarnsey-Musolf
  • U van Kolck
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We reformulate the analysis of nuclear parity violation (PV) within the framework of effective field theory (EFT). To O(Q), the PV nucleon–nucleon (NN) interaction depends on five a priori unknown constants that parameterize the leading-order, short-range four-nucleon operators. When pions are included as explicit degrees of freedom, the potential contains additional medium- and long-range components parameterized by PV πNN coupling. We derive the form of the corresponding one- and two-pion-exchange potentials. We apply these considerations to a set of existing and prospective PV few-body measurements that may be used to determine the five independent low-energy constants relevant to the pionless EFT and the additional constants associated with dynamical pions. We also discuss the relationship between the conventional meson-exchange framework and the EFT formulation, and argue that the latter provides a more general and systematic basis for analyzing nuclear PV.
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Citation Information
SL Zhu, CM Maekawa, BR Holstein, MJ Rarnsey-Musolf, et al.. "Nuclear parity violation in effective field theory" NUCLEAR PHYSICS A Vol. 748 Iss. 3-4 (2005)
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