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Chiral Symmetry-Tests in Nonleptonic K-Decay
Physical Review Letters (1992)
  • J Kambor
  • JF Donoghue
  • BR Holstein
  • J Missimer
  • D Wyler
The existence of empirical tests for the validity of chiral perturbation theory in the analysis of nonleptonic kaon decay is pointed out in the context of K-->2π,3π processes. Comparison with existing data reveals good agreement with the chiral constraints.
Publication Date
March 23, 1992
Citation Information
J Kambor, JF Donoghue, BR Holstein, J Missimer, et al.. "Chiral Symmetry-Tests in Nonleptonic K-Decay" Physical Review Letters Vol. 68 Iss. 12 (1992)
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