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Long distance regularization in chiral perturbation theory with decuplet fields
  • B Borasoy
  • BR Holstein
  • R Lewis
  • PPA Ouimet
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We investigate the use of long distance regularization in SU(3) baryon chiral perturbation theory with decuplet fields. The one-loop decuplet contributions to the octet baryon masses, axial-vector couplings, S-wave nonleptonic hyperon decays and magnetic moments are evaluated in a chirally consistent fashion by employing a cutoff to implement long distance regularization. The convergence of the chiral expansions of these quantities is improved compared to the dimensionally regularized version which indicates that the propagation of Goldstone bosons over distances smaller than a typical hadronic size, which is beyond the regime of chiral perturbation theory but included by dimensional regularization, is removed by use of a cutoff.
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Citation Information
B Borasoy, BR Holstein, R Lewis and PPA Ouimet. "Long distance regularization in chiral perturbation theory with decuplet fields" PHYSICAL REVIEW D Vol. 66 Iss. 9 (2002)
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