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Helicity structure in low- and intermediate-energy weak interaction
  • N Severijns
  • M Allet
  • K Bodek
  • BA Brown
  • J Camps
  • P De Moor
  • J Deutsch
  • M Ferro-Luzzi
  • F Gimeno-Nogues
  • J Govaerts
  • BR Holstein
  • R Kirchner
  • J Lang
  • R Muller
  • S Navert
  • O Naviliat-Cuncic
  • T Otto
  • L Pepe
  • R Prieels
  • PA Quin
  • P Schuurmans
  • J Sromicki
  • E Stephan
  • E Thomas
  • A Van Geert
  • L Vanneste
  • B Vereecke
  • J Zejma
Publication Date
We report on the status of the measurements of the longitudinal polarization of positrons emitted by polarized 107In and 12N nuclei. Present results yield a lower limit of 306 GeV/c2 (90 % CL) for the mass of a possible W gauge boson with predominantly right-handed couplings, if interpreted in the framework of the manifest left-right symmetric model. In addition, the helicity structure of the weak interaction is discussed on the basis of experimental results at low and intermediate energies in the leptonic, semileptonic and hadronic sectors. Whereas in the minimal manifest left-right symmetric extension of the Standard Model the results from collider experiments are superior to results from other experiments, experiments in the three sectors of the weak interaction yield complementary information on the helicity structure of the interaction if interpreted in general left-right symmetric models.
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Citation Information
N Severijns, M Allet, K Bodek, BA Brown, et al.. "Helicity structure in low- and intermediate-energy weak interaction" NUCLEAR PHYSICS A Vol. 629 Iss. 1-2 (1998)
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