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Nucleon anapole moment and parity-violating ep scattering
  • SL Zhu
  • SJ Puglia
  • BR Holstein
  • MJ Ramsey-Musolf
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Parity-violating (PV) interactions among quarks in the nucleon induce a PV γNN coupling, or anapole moment (AM). We compute electroweak gauge-independent contributions to the AM through O(1/Λχ2) in chiral perturbation theory. We estimate short-distance PV effects using resonance saturation. The AM contributions to PV electron-proton scattering slightly enhance the axial vector radiative corrections, RAp, over the scale implied by the standard model when weak quark-quark interactions are neglected. We estimate the theoretical uncertainty associated with the AM contributions to RAp to be large, and discuss the implications for the interpretation PV of ep scattering.
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Citation Information
SL Zhu, SJ Puglia, BR Holstein and MJ Ramsey-Musolf. "Nucleon anapole moment and parity-violating ep scattering" PHYSICAL REVIEW D Vol. 62 Iss. 3 (2000)
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