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Observability of the Anapole Moment and Neutrino Charge Radius
Physical Review D (1991)
  • MJ Musolf
  • BR Holstein
The properties of the neutrino charge radius (NCR) and anapole moments (AM's) of elementary fermions, nucleons, and nuclei are discussed. The dependence of these off-shell electromagnetic couplings on the weak gauge parameter is explicitly demonstrated by a calculation performed in the Rξ gauge. The gauge dependence of the AM's and NCR implies that they cannot be observed in isolation from other second-order, electroweak effects. It is shown, however, that the AM's of various hadronic systems having an SU(2)L quantum number TL3=0 can be considered ``observables'' in certain formal, though unphysical, limits. It is argued that, apart from these special limits, the AM is a physically meaningful entity only for heavy and/or nearly degenerate nuclei.
Publication Date
May 1, 1991
Citation Information
MJ Musolf and BR Holstein. "Observability of the Anapole Moment and Neutrino Charge Radius" Physical Review D Vol. 43 Iss. 9 (1991)
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