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Reanalysis of Higgs-Boson-Exchange Models of Cp Violation
Physical Review D (1985)
  • JF Donoghue
  • BR Holstein
We reexamine the value of ɛ'/ɛ in models where CP violation is due to the exchange of charged Higgs bosons. Previous work has been flawed by incorrect treatment of the chiral properties of weak amplitudes. We use the effective-chiral-Lagrangian framework to clear up these aspects. The resultant value of ɛ'/ɛ is estimated to be in the neighborhood of ɛ'/ɛ=-0.006, although this estimate could be off by a factor of two or three in either direction. This value is consistent with the present experimental bounds.
Publication Date
September 1, 1985
Citation Information
JF Donoghue and BR Holstein. "Reanalysis of Higgs-Boson-Exchange Models of Cp Violation" Physical Review D Vol. 32 Iss. 5 (1985)
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