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If these halls could talk: Dreamland, live performance
School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Julian Louis
  • Janis Balodis
  • Shenzo Gregory
  • Phil Blackman
  • Darcy Grant
  • Katia Molino
  • Kirk Page
  • Toni Scanlan
  • Ben Walsh
  • Barry Hill, Southern Cross University
  • Jamie Birrell
  • Kate McDowell
  • Karl Johnson
  • William Kutana
  • Marisa Snow
  • Naya Crookshanks
  • Edward Horne
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Creative work
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Created in association with Arts Northern Rivers’ If These Halls Could Talk project, and in collaboration with the Eureka Hall Committee and community, Dreamland is a time capsule of local history, characters and ghosts that have frequented Eureka Hall since it was built in 1906. The hall has been the gathering place for community meetings, gala balls, send offs for local boys going to distant wars, hippie invasions and waves of tree-changers.

Dreamland is a celebration of the dance of life, in all its mystery. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow, elegantly together or crazy alone. Combining physical theatre, song, dance, humour and drama Dreamland is full of the adventurous, innovative and entertaining hallmarks of NORPA original works.

Local performer Phil Blackman and Sydney based actress Katia Molino, who both performed in Railway Wonderland are joined by acclaimed actress Toni Scanlon (best known for her role as Helen Blakemore in the Australian TV police drama Water Rats but also an award winning stage actress in All My Sons and King Tide) and acrobat Darcy Grant who is also a founding member of internationally acclaimed contemporary circus company Circa. Musicians Shenzo Gregory, Ben Walsh and Barry Hill provide a live music score featuring original music and live versions of Iconic songs 20th Century compositions by Pat ballard Jimmy Hendrix, The Mammas and the Pappas and others.

Citation Information

Louis, J, Balodis, J, Gregory, S, Blackman, P, Grant, D, Molino, K, Page, K, Scanlan, T, Walsh, B, Hill, B, Birrell, J, McDowell, K, Johnson, K, Kutana, W, Snow, M, Crookshanks, N & Horne, E 2016, If these halls could talk: Dreamland, live performance, Eureka Hall, Eureka, NSW, 23 November - 10 December.