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About Barry Dean Wellborn

Barry Wellborn grew up in San Diego. He studied forensics, leading him to be successful accident investigation, crash analysis and collision repair. A successful business man, Barry has ventured into many career opportunities to include serving in the Marine Corps and owning and operating a successful automotive collision repair business. 

His extensive knowledge in business and experience left him with a thirst for developing new business ventures. Since a child Barry has been interested in a multitude of scientific research topics to include: material science, microbiology, human health, and holistic medicine. Although Barry ran a successful business, he was left with a dissatisfaction in his life, eager to make a career move and become involved in work that would change people’s lives for the better. 

For years Barry felt the effects of fatigue, low energy, and stress so he began looking for research and treatment options. This is when he came across the work being done by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Barry was intrigued by the results and testimonials from clients suffering similar health issues. The more research Barry conducted, the more he believed in the outcomes of Mr.Trivedi’s client population and he was eager to become more involved. 

November 2009, Barry became a financial donor and began donating his time to the organization. Interested in wanting to help people, Barry found his calling and knew that he was meant to become a part of the research and studies behind the successful work of Mr. Trivedi and his organization.

Research Interests

Biofield and Cell Biology


Present Poway High School - Graduated