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Pandas of Sichuan
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  • Barry W. Barker, Nova Southeastern University
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The Pandas of Sichuan documents life at the Wolong Panda Preserve before the tragic May 2008 earthquake in China that killed nearly 100,000 people and severely damaged the facilities located near Chengdu. This photographic documentary effort of a courageous group of American travel photographers, members of Wild Spots Foundation, as well as academics from south Florida colleges and universities, is a modest attempt to protect biodiversity and contribute to the reconstruction efforts of the Pandas in the Sichuan Provence.
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Wild Spots Foundation
  • China,
  • Panda,
  • earthquake,
  • Wolong,
  • Sichuan,
  • volunteer travel,
  • Wild Spots Foundation,
  • nature photography,
  • biodiversity,
  • wildlife conservation,
  • ecology,
  • Chengdu,
  • Panda Reproductive Center,
  • Red Panda
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Barry W. Barker. Pandas of Sichuan. (2008)
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