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About Barnali M. Dixon

I have extensive experience in the application and teaching of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, Global positioning Systems (GPS), geostatistics, fuzzy logic and neural networks for environmental modeling. My areas of research interests include advancement of environmental modeling through enhancement of remotely sensed data (image processing) and GIS using fuzzy logic, neural networks and neuro-fuzzy techniques. I have applied environmental models including soil erosion, surface and ground water quality, ground-water vulnerability, watershed risk assessment and management (soils, land-use and water quality relationship), contaminant transport processes, land-use and ground-water recharge, rainfall- runoff simulation, and land use planning (urbanization, soils and water quality relationship).


Present Professor, University of South Florida St. Petersburg


  • GIS 6306: Environmental Applications of GIS
  • EVR 6934: Soil, Water and Landuse
  • EVR 6936: Seminar in Environmental Science
  • GIS 5049: GIS for Non Majors
  • GIS 4300: Environmental modeling with GIS
  • GIS 6038C: Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GIS 4043C: Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 4141C: Geographic Methods and Techniques
  • GIS 4035C: Remote Sensing of The Environment
  • GIS 3006: Computer Cartography


Ph.D., University of Arkansas ‐ Environmental Dynamics
M.A., University of Arkansas
M.A., Visva Bharati University, India ‐ Geography
B.A., Visva Bharati University, India ‐ Geography (Honors)

Peer Reviewed Articles (24)

Books & Book Chapters (1)