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Ethical Implications of Friendly Takeovers: A Financial Manager’s Story
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  • Barbara Tarasovich, Sacred Heart University
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Case study in which Bernadette was heading the corporate acquisitions team. It was important for Bernadette to be certain that there was no unethical behavior on the part of the project and management team responsible for the acquisition and integration of these companies. The pressures to achieve synergies can often result in people problems, cultural value, and ethical differences that impede the smooth integration of companies. For each acquisition, Bernadette needed to ensure that the newly acquired assets were secure. In addition, she had to ensure that the acquired companies were not employing inappropriate accounting practices in order to inflate their sales or earnings.

Case ID 041003.

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Tarasovich, Barbara. "Ethical Implications of Friendly Takeovers: A Financial Manager’s Story." International Research Journal of Applied Finance: Case Study Series (2013): 1-11.