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Immunoglobulin isoantigens (allotypes) in the mouse. V. Characterization of IgM allotypes
Immunogenetics (1978)
  • Barbara A. Osborne, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Murine antisera raised against allogeneic lymphoid cells often contain antibodies to IgM allotypes. Rarely, allotypic antibodies to IgM have been found after immunization withB. pertussis anti-B. pertussis conjugates. Using both types of antibodies, we have defined a new constant-region locus for both secreted and membrane-bound μ chains. This locus,Ig-6, is closely linked to the previously described H-chain constant-region loci (Ig-1 throughIg-5) and is subject to allelic exclusion. We have identified three alleles and four antigenic specificities ofIg-6.
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Barbara A. Osborne. "Immunoglobulin isoantigens (allotypes) in the mouse. V. Characterization of IgM allotypes" Immunogenetics Vol. 7 (1978)
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