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Notch signaling during peripherl T-cell activation and differentiation
Nature Reviews Immunology (2007)
  • Barbara A. Osborne, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
For many years, researchers have focused on the contribution of Notch signalling to lymphoid development. Only recently have investigators begun to ask what role, if any, Notch has during the activation and differentiation of naive CD4(+) T cells in the periphery. As interest in this issue grows, it is becoming increasingly clear that the main role of Notch signalling, to regulate cell-fate decisions, might also be influential in peripheral T cells.
Publication Date
January, 2007
Citation Information
Barbara A. Osborne. "Notch signaling during peripherl T-cell activation and differentiation" Nature Reviews Immunology Vol. 7 Iss. 1 (2007)
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