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About Barbara John

My primary research interest is to understand processes of lithospheric deformation, both on the continents and in the oceans. The majority of this research to date has focused on processes of lithospheric extension, using geologic field projects (both continent and marine-based) with petrologic, geochemical, sedimentologic, microstructural and geophysical studies, to constrain the nature of extension processes (both magmatic and structural). This integrated approach typically includes geochronologic and thermochronologic studies that allow determination of the absolute age of events, rates of geologic/tectonic processes, and the space-time distribution of deformation and/or magmatism. The aim of my approach is use well-placed field studies as natural examples of structural and petrologic processes.
My previous and ongoing research can be divided into three general areas, including deformation of the continental lithosphere, deformation of oceanic lithosphere, and magmatism and deformation.


Present Professor of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming


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Office Phone: 307-766-4232
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P.O. Box 3006
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