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Clinical Programs of the University of Maryland School of Law
Faculty Scholarship
  • Barbara L. Bezdek, University of Maryland School of Law
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  • clinical legal education

9 Journal of Professional Legal Education 111 (1991).

The University of Maryland provides 'clinical education' in two distinct ways, through its Clinical Law Office, and through its Legal Theory and Practice courses. For many years the Law School has operated The Clinical Law Office, one of the largest and longest-lived 'in-house' clinics in any law school in the United States. Students may elect to enroll in this course in the upper years of the law degree program. It is a year-long, intensive practice experience, under faculty supervision. Quite recently, the Law Faculty began the Legal Theory and Practice courses, which combine the study of doctrine and legal theory with a lesser degree of client work. The course is required for law students in the first or second year. This paper describes the objectives, methods and features of each program.
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Barbara L. Bezdek. "Clinical Programs of the University of Maryland School of Law" (1991)
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