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Curriculum Mapping:Academic Faculty and Subject Librarians Working Together
University of Central Florida Summer Conference (2014)
  • Barbara Tierney, University of Central Florida
Academic faculty use curriculum mapping to plan, revise and assess academic programs, with a view to achieving the “Academic Learning Compact” learning outcomes ( identified for their program.

Subject Librarians use curriculum mapping to identify the particular courses (within an academic program) that have research components, with a view to providing students with tiered research instruction (based on ACRL…Assoc. of College & Research Library…. Information Literacy Competency Standards (   

Once Academic Faculty have worked with FCTL on the mechanics of curriculum mapping and have become involved in curriculum mapping within their academic program…

I encourage Academic Faculty to partner with their UCF Subject Librarian on this project…….so that together they will

  • identify those particular courses within an academic program that have a “research component” and which are candidates for “research instruction” by the Subject Librarian.
  •  then, to strategize about the best way to integrate “information literacy standards and skills” into the particular courses (within your academic program)  that have research components ….and to determine the best progression of research skills for the entire academic program, so that each course and its successor courses prepare students for increasingly sophisticated approaches to research and critical thinking.

  • Curriculum Mapping
Publication Date
May, 2014
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Barbara Tierney. "Curriculum Mapping:Academic Faculty and Subject Librarians Working Together" University of Central Florida Summer Conference (2014)
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