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Singing Like a Fish, Part 2: A Select Annotated Digital Media Webliography
College & University Media Review
  • Barbara J. Bergman, Minnesota State University - Mankato
  • Meghann Matwichuk, University of Delaware
  • Monique Threatt, Indiana University - Bloomington
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Librarians' understanding of the learning styles of upcoming generations of students is crucial to academic success. Multimedia is a key component in these new learning styles. Academic libraries are offering more support to faculty and students alike in the multimedia arena. The authors' research includes two distinct aspects of access, use, and production of multimedia in academic assignments. Part 2 features an annotated webliography with a selection of free multimedia search engines and content sites. This webliography was originally created by Robert Scheier, Electronic Resources Librarian, College of the Holy Cross; a partial version of it is currently available online from Springfield College's Babson Library at: ( D420015B9BD/B52F7619BE12BB4085256FB8005F1E7E?OpenDocument).
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Bergman, B., Matwichuk, M., & Threatt, M. (2005). Singing Like a Fish, part 2: A Select Annotated Digital Media Webliography. College & University Media Review, 12(1), 57-67.