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Subacute (Acute, Persistent) Thrombotic Microangiopathy.
Journal of Clinical Apheresis
  • Edwin G Taft, MD
  • Bala Carver, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
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Six patients with prolonged acute courses of thrombotic microangiopathy are reviewed. These patients had in common courses of acute disease requiring plasma support for more than 3 months, with subsequent complete remission. Plasma support requirements may be prodigious, and the acute course may require more than 100 plasma exchanges before a stable remission is achieved. These patients appear to represent a subset of thrombotic microangiopathy distinct from the more common acute T.T.P. course, which resolves in 3-6 weeks, and the chronic relapsing pattern, which may have a short or prolonged acute course.

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Taft EG; Carver BB, Journal Of Clinical Apheresis [J Clin Apher], ISSN: 0733-2459, 1992; Vol. 7 (4), pp. 180-2; Publisher: Wiley-Liss