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Critical classroom discourse analysis
TESOL Quarterly (1999)
  • B Kumaravadivelu, San Jose State University
My primary purpose in this article is to conceptualize a framework for conducting critical classroom discourse analysis (CCDA). I begin with a critique of the scope and method of current models of classroom interaction analysis and classroom discourse analysis, arguing that they offer only a limited and limiting perspective on classroom discourse. I then contend that the concepts of discourse enunciated in Foucauldian poststructuralism and Saidian postcolonialism can be employed to develop a critical framework for understanding what actually transpires in the L2 classroom. Drawing insights from these two discourse traditions, I attempt to construct a conceptual framework for CCDA and present basic principles and procedures that might make CCDA possible. I conclude the article with suggestions for further exploration that CCDA might open up.
Publication Date
Fall 1999
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Citation Information
B Kumaravadivelu. "Critical classroom discourse analysis" TESOL Quarterly Vol. 33 Iss. 3 (1999) p. 453 - 484 ISSN: 0039-8322
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