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Session D-6: Strong Structure by Design
Professional Learning Day
  • Carmela Minaya, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Aziza Darwish, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Heather Richardson, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Session Number
Grade Level
Engineering, Grade Levels: 5-6
Start Date
27-2-2015 12:30 PM
End Date
27-2-2015 1:30 PM
Strengthen your pedagogy by learning how the monolithic dome, inspired by the shape of an egg, is one of the strongest existing architectural structures. They will go back to their schools with an inexpensive activity challenging student to make a 3D structure from a 2D picture, then combining several 3D structures to create a monolithic dome.
Citation Information
Carmela Minaya, Aziza Darwish and Heather Richardson. "Session D-6: Strong Structure by Design" (2015)
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