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Medicinal Uses of Chlorophyll: a critical overview
Chlorophyll: Structure, Function and Medicinal Uses (2012)
  • V.K. Mishra
  • R.K. Bacheti, Graphic Era University
  • Azamal Husen

Reports on traditional medicinal uses of chlorophyll in alternative forms of medicine are known since ages. Now-a-days chlorophyll has been used in the field of medicine as remedy and diagnostics. Chlorophyll molecules are used in pharmacy as photosensitizer for cancer therapy. Their roles as modifier of genotoxic effects are becoming increasingly important, besides these it being known to have multiple medicinal uses. Chlorophyll has its place in modern medicine. Here, we present a review of recent developments in medicinal uses of chlorophyll. This article enumerates therapeutic claims of chlorophyll as drugs based on investigative findings of modern science. A brief overview of research and developments of medicinal uses of chlorophyll will be presented in this review along with challenges of potential applications of chlorophyll and its derivatives as chemotherapeutic agents.

  • Chlorophyll,
  • medicine,
  • genotoxity,
  • photosensitizer
Publication Date
Hua Le and and Elisa Salcedo
Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY 11788
Citation Information
V.K. Mishra, R.K. Bacheti and Azamal Husen. "Medicinal Uses of Chlorophyll: a critical overview" Chlorophyll: Structure, Function and Medicinal Uses (2012)
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