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How to Read The Faerie Queene: A Forum
  • Ayesha Ramachandran, Yale University
  • Sarah Van der Laan, Indiana University - Bloomington
A pair of roundtables at the 2014 Sixteenth Century Society Conference gathered Spenserians to reflect on the challenges of reading Spenser ourselves and helping our students through their first readings of The Faerie Queene. In the lively discussions that followed, it became clear that the question of “How to Read The Faerie Queene” continues to raise theoretical, methodological and pedagogical quandaries. In a new feature for The Spenser Review, we present shortened versions of the participants’ remarks followed by brief responses from members of the audience.
  • Edmund Spenser,
  • Faerie Queene,
  • Renaissance,
  • Early Modern,
  • English literature
Publication Date
Winter 2015
Citation Information
Ayesha Ramachandran and Sarah Van der Laan. "How to Read The Faerie Queene: A Forum" (2015)
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