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About Axel Enders

I study surface-supported nanostructures, from single atoms to complex 3D structures. Our focus is on the study of interesting effects at the interfaces between metallic, oxide and organic nanostructured materials, specifically how substrates influence the physical properties of the nanostructures they support through such interactions. Important aspects are the development of new nanostructure fabrication strategies and the development of instrumentation. Highlights of our work are:
- The study of new magnetic phenomena in metal nanostructures, including the emergence of magnetism, large magnetic anisotropy, and size-dependent moments and other properties.
- Control of molecular selfassembly at surfaces and the electronic structure of metal-organics interfaces
- The study of magneto-electric effects in metal-oxide heterostructures


Present Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Present Assoc. Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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