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Corporate Governance and Economic Growth
Economics Bulletin (2010)
  • aviral kumar tiwari, Mr.

We estimated the impact of the performance of corporate governance on economic growth in a cross-country framework in two specifications. For analysis we have employed log liner model. We found that performance of corporate governance is significantly negatively related to the economic growth in both specification and in all models and hence it matters not only for the current year but it continues to persistent in future also. Addition to it, we found that role played by human capital is insignificant but physical capital and government final consumption expenditure plays significantly positive role in the economic growth of cross-section of countries. We also find that impact of life expectancy and fertility rate is negative and positive on economic growth respectively. We found that trade does not has significant impact on the economic growth in cross-section of countries.

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aviral kumar tiwari. "Corporate Governance and Economic Growth" Economics Bulletin Vol. 30 Iss. 4 (2010)
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