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Sustainability of Trade Deficit in India
The Empirical Economics Letters (2011)
  • aviral kumar tiwari, Mr.
  • Bharti Pandey

This study examines the sustainability of trade deficit with allowance of structural breaks and seasonal adjustments as both variables have been subject to structural changes and affected by seasons. We find that, in all the cases, there is long run relationship between export and import. This implies that foreign trade deficit is sustainable in the Indian context.

  • Export,
  • Import,
  • Unit Root,
  • Structural Breaks,
  • Seasonal Adjustment,
  • Cointegration
Publication Date
September, 2011
Citation Information
aviral kumar tiwari and Bharti Pandey. "Sustainability of Trade Deficit in India" The Empirical Economics Letters Vol. 10 Iss. 9 (2011)
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