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Age-dependent differential expression of apoptosis markers in the gingival tissue
Archives of Oral Biology
  • P. Das
  • M. Chopra
  • Y. Sun
  • D. G. Kerns
  • S. Vastardis
  • Avadhesh C. Sharma, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
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Objective: The current study was performed to test the hypothesis that periodontal disease produces age-dependent activation of apoptotic markers in the gingival tissues. Methods: To address the hypothesis a prospective experimental study was designed and twenty-two patients were enrolled. Out of the twenty-two patients, gingival tissue biopsies samples were obtained from active sites of ten and twelve periodontal-healthy (HS) and periodontal disease (PD, probing depths >5 mm patients, respectively. The groups were further divided into 25-50 and 50 years age group compared to respective HS age groups. PD patients of both 25-50 years and >50 years age exhibited a significant increase in the expression of Cytochrome C and Caspase-3 compared to the respective HS groups. The PD patients exhibited a stronger correlation with age in the expression of TRADD and Bax compared to the HS groups. Further analyses revealed that the expression of Caspase-3 correlated with an increase in the age of the healthy patients. Conclusions: The data suggested that modulation of apoptotic cascade may contribute to the damage of gingival tissues particularly in PD patients >50 years age. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

This article was published in Archives of Oral Biology, Volume 54, Issue 4, Pages 329-336.

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P. Das, M. Chopra, Y. Sun, D. G. Kerns, et al.. "Age-dependent differential expression of apoptosis markers in the gingival tissue" Archives of Oral Biology Vol. 54 Iss. 4 (2009) p. 329 - 336
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