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About Emmanuel Dzadeyson

I am a trained information worker and Social Development worker who has trained in a number of courses and done a number of assignments on information and social development. I have been involved in research and development, gender audits and impact assessment studies on the status and conditions of young women and men, boys and girls, pertaining to their livelihoods.
I have carried out needs assessments and developed publications on Autism in Children, gender and development, community mobilization and Participatory Rural Appraisal programmes.
My reason for this project is born out of concern about the scarcity and inequitable distribution of Autism cultural education materials in the education system in Ghana in general, and in primary and secondary school education in particular.
The Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana ICT Based Autism Children's Cultural Activity Project aims to address this scarcity by developing and producing ICT based Cultural education teaching material that are easily updated.You can personally donate to the project at:


Present Researcher, Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana

Contact Information

P.O. Box KS 191 Kasoa Central Region
Tel: 00233276393001
Personal Donation at: