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Methodological proposal to implement enterprise resource planning systems
AMCIS 2011 Proceedings - All Submissions
  • Augusto A Pacheco-Comer, CUCEA-Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Juan C González-Castolo, CUCEA-Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Noe Garcia Sanchez, Universidad ITESO
Enterprise Systems and Organizational Issues in IS
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Enterprise resource planning system is one of the most important projects on business optimization than anenterprise could attempt. Their use can be seen at small, medium and big enterprises. Project management andimplementation methodology is a critical success factor mentioned in literature. At this paper is presented aproposal of implementation methodology based on researched literature and the activities that should be donein each phase. It also presented the selection process as other critical success factor and suggestions for futureresearch regarding Petri Nets as a computation intelligence that could be used to simulate selection process.
Citation Information
Augusto A Pacheco-Comer, Juan C González-Castolo and Noe Garcia Sanchez. "Methodological proposal to implement enterprise resource planning systems" (2011)
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