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ARE Update Volume 10, Number 1
  • Maximilian Auffhammer, University of California Berkeley
  • Lan Li, University of California, Davis
  • Hoy Carman
  • Richard J. Sexton, University of California, Davis
  • Alix Peterson Zwane, University of California, Berkeley
  • margaret mcmillan

Is Dust “Busting” Crop Yields?

ARE Faculty Profile: Aaron Smith

Retailer Pricing Practices for Fresh Avocados

OECD Support for Agriculture: Has it Historically Harmed Poor Countries?

Publication Date
September 1, 2006
Citation Information
Maximilian Auffhammer, Lan Li, Hoy Carman, Richard J. Sexton, et al.. "ARE Update Volume 10, Number 1" (2006)
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