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Wasted Words?: Current Trends in Collection Development Policies
Charleston Library Conference
  • Matt Torrence, University of South Florida
  • Audrey Powers, University of South Florida
  • Megan Sheffield, University of South Florida
  • Maureen James, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
  • Donna K Rose, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
  • Carol I Macheak, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
  • John R Warrick, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
The transition to electronic resources and the changing role of the collection development librarian are having a tremendous impact on the manner by which libraries select and acquire new materials. The goal of this research project was to further elucidate the current trends of collection development policies in members of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) as well as gauge current use and future efficacy. The survey was designed and sent to librarians responsible for collection development at university-affiliated ARL libraries in order to obtain a current picture of academic collection development policies, and how they are changing due to the abundance of electronic resources and new methods of data-driven acquisitions. The goals of the survey are to Measure the continued use of CD policies as major collection-building tools; Assess the frequency of updates to collection development policies; Determine the availability of collection development policies; Measure and compare the amount of time available to librarians to review and select new materials; Determine if print materials are being reviewed in new and innovative ways or if they receive the same assessment as electronically formatted materials; Measure the employment of data or patron-driven acquisition methods. The findings will require additional assessment, but the data does seem to indicate a time of change in the way academic libraries complete and assess their primary collection development activities. This survey was created, at least in part, with the hope of setting a starting point for continued evaluation and longitudinal measurement. If our survey participants are as actively helpful in future years, these dreams of cyclical assessment may well come to fruition.
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Matt Torrence, Audrey Powers, Megan Sheffield, Maureen James, et al.. "Wasted Words?: Current Trends in Collection Development Policies"
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