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ChemChar Process for Carbon Re-Activation
  • Audrey E. McGowin, Ph.D., Wright State University - Main Campus
  • L. L. Kinner
  • Stanley E. Manahan
  • David W. Larsen
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The ChemChar reverse-burn gasification process was evaluated to determine its feasibility for use in the regeneration of spent activated carbon. This non-incinerative, thermochemical gasification process pyrolyzes the sorbed wastes and restores the sorptive capacity of the carbon in one energy-efficient step. The effects of moisture and supplemental fuel addition on regeneration were determined with a laboratory-scale reactor and a flow-through assay method was developed for determining regeneration effectiveness. The process produces good quality regenerated carbon simply and inexpensively with a minimum of carbon loss. Carbons can be regenerated several times and the method is non-polluting.

Citation Information
Audrey E. McGowin, L. L. Kinner, Stanley E. Manahan and David W. Larsen. "ChemChar Process for Carbon Re-Activation" Chemosphere Vol. 22 Iss. 12 (1991) p. 1191 - 1209 ISSN: 00456535
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