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Reducing the Fear of Falling Through a Community Evidence-Based Intervention
Nursing Faculty Publications
  • Audrey M. Beauvais, Sacred Heart University
  • John E. Beauvais, Yale University School of Medicine
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Falls and the fear of falling are major health concerns among older adults. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of an evidence-based fall prevention program on the fear of falling and health-related quality of life among community-dwelling elders. The program consisted of 6 classes that covered topics such as risk factors for falls, balance exercises, medications, safe footwear, and home safety. Of those elders who were most fearful at baseline, the fall prevention program decreased their fear of falling and improved 1 dimension of their health-related quality of life.

This research was supported by an unrestricted grant from the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging (#13-H12–26) and by Sacred Heart University.

PMID: 24492268

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Beauvais, Audrey, Beauvais, John. "Reducing the Fear of Falling Through a Community Evidence-Based Intervention." Home Healthcare Nurse 32.2 (2014): 98-105.