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How to Gauge Moral Intuitions? Prospects for a New Methodology
Experimental Ethics (2014)
  • Attila Tanyi, University of Liverpool
  • Martin Bruder

Examining folk intuitions about philosophical questions lies at the core of experimental philosophy. This requires both a good account of what intuitions are and methods allowing to assess them. We propose to combine philosophical and psychological conceptualisations of intuitions by focusing on three of their features: immediacy, lack of inferential relations, and stability. Once this account of intuition is at hand, we move on to propose a methodology that can test all three characteristics without eliminating any of them. In the final part of the paper, we propose implementations of the new methodology as applied to the experimental investigation of the so-called overdemandingness objection to consequentialism.

  • intuitions,
  • emotions,
  • consequentialism,
  • moral demands,
  • experimental philosophy
Publication Date
Christoph Luetge, Hannes Rusch & Matthias Uhl
Palgrave Macmillan
Citation Information
Attila Tanyi and Martin Bruder. "How to Gauge Moral Intuitions? Prospects for a New Methodology" LondonExperimental Ethics (2014)
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