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On the Intrinsic Value of Genetic Integrity
Ethics, Policy & Environment (2015)
  • Attila Tanyi, University of Liverpool
In their article “Is There a Prima Facie Duty to Preserve Genetic Integrity in Conservation Biology?” Yasha Rower and Emma Harris argue that there is no underived prima facie obligation to preserve genetic integrity. In particular, it is argued that there is no such obligation because genetic integrity has no intrinsic value. In this commentary I raise doubts about this part of the authors’ argument. I argue that (1) there might well be at least prima facie value in genetic integrity, (2) that the Moorean isolation test the authors use might not work in their favour, and (3) that connecting genetic integrity to the idea of identity might work against the authors’ argument.
  • genetic integrity,
  • intrinsic value,
  • identity,
  • prima facie duty,
  • genome
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Attila Tanyi. "On the Intrinsic Value of Genetic Integrity" Ethics, Policy & Environment Vol. 18 Iss. 3 (2015) p. 248 - 251
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