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About Atin Basu Choudhary

I do not separate my identity as a teacher from my identity as a scholar or member of society. As a teacher, I am responsible for teaching the essence of the intelligible world to my students. However, without any scholarship how would I know anything about this essence? Thus, without scholarship how could I teach? Nevertheless, my students are also part of the intelligible world. Therefore, as I teach them, their responses also inform me. This information helps me with my scholarship. Thus, there seems to be, for me at least, a continuous feedback loop between teaching and scholarship that helps me become both a better teacher and a better scholar – and therefore understand the world better. Indeed, my ability to be a contributing member of society improves with better understanding of the world’s elements. It is also a lot of fun!
My scholarly activity reflects an eclectic intellectual curiosity centered around my interest in the role of information in decision making. My interest in the economics of information have led me to investigate areas as wide ranging as the role of information transmission in cartel stability, lying to a dentist, the unsuitability of racial profiling for detecting terrorists, the determination of identity, and the role of civilization in generating short sighted human decisions.


Present Professor, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Military Institute

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Applied game theory, Conflict risk analysis, and econometrics

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Honors and Awards

  • 2012, Inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society
  • 2012, Inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society.
  • 2011, Finalist Citation for Outstanding Faculty Award of the State Council of Higher Education, Virginia
  • 2010, Matthew F. Maury Research Award.
  • 2006, Distinguished Teaching Award, VMI
  • 2003 Wilbur S. Hinman Research Award, VMI.
  • 2001 Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, VMI.
  • 1983 National Scholarship, Government of India.

Contact Information

Department of Economics and Business
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA 24450.


Conflict (10)

Industrial Organization (3)

Growth and Development (3)

Teaching Economics (1)

Human Resource Management (1)

Technology and Education (1)

Antitrust Law (3)

Evolution and Economics (7)