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Evil Intermediation Platforms
Cultural Anthropology (2016)
  • Athina Karatzogianni, University of Leicester
  • Jacob Matthews, University of Paris VIII Vincennes in Saint-Denis

A political-cultural perspective on the sociology of digital intermediation platforms interrogates what a particular set of social arrangements implies about relations of production and asks: How do digital intermediation platforms contribute to legitimising contemporary capitalism, and potentially to redesigning processes of domination and exploitation of (digital) labor? How are these platforms used as a justification register, i.e. the use of digital commons for ideological purposes, in the sense of Boltanski and Thévenot’s (2006) economies of worth? Is a specific model, for example platform cooperativism, an antidote to those “evil” platforms or yet another iteration?
  • digital economy
Publication Date
Fall September 6, 2016
Citation Information
Karatzogianni, A. and Matthews, J (2017) 'Evil Intermediation Platforms', in Evil Infrastructures, edited by Christopher Kelty, Cultural Anthropology, April 2017.
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