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A Theory of Technoanarchism
journal of schizoanalytic studies* (2016)
  • A.T. Kingsmith, York University
This work charts the speculative relationship between technology and anarchy. What follows is not a proposal for some ‘coherent’ political system. Rather, it is a sketch of some vital ideas on epistemology, technology, and politics that speak to processes of experimenting with the digital mediums of a rapidly accelerating Internet age. This techno-genetic turn towards the rhizomatic underpinnings of technology is about venturing out into the world of objects, material processes, vibrant matters, technological and cosmological time. What this work attempts to put forward is a means to make sense of the multiple crises that we find ourselves faced with; to think through the materialities of power in order to better understand the subjugating processes of capitalism.
As a result, it puts forward a meso-politics of contingency, a set of technoanarchistic pragmatics that include but are not limited to: decentralisation, open source, anonymity, contingency, and absurdism. Running through the work are discussions of epistemology, subjectivity, integration, techno-genesis, nonconsciousness, and anarchistic forms of resistance. For technoanarchism, this resistance comes through new cartographies of speculation—a reductio ad absurdum, a meso politics of immanence that problematises not only social laws, which we see as corrupt, stifling, and transient, but moral, physical, and perceptual laws as well, all in order to envisage a post-representational political moment no longer tied to stimulated desires in a control society.
  • reductio ad absurdum,
  • techno-anarchism,
  • meso-politics,
  • speculation,
  • techno-genesis
Publication Date
Winter 2016
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A.T. Kingsmith. "A Theory of Technoanarchism" journal of schizoanalytic studies* Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2016)
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