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About Andrew J Stocking

Andrew Stocking is a market design economist at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) working in the Microeconomic Studies Division. In this position he provides analysis of markets including auctions, their rules, and optimal design criteria in an effort to advance the mission of the CBO. During the 111th Congressional cycle, he managed the CBO model for scoring climate change legislation and has been involved in the analysis of other markets as they arise in the policy debate, ranging from FCC spectrum auctions to financial markets to energy markets. Prior to the CBO from 2000-2005, Stocking was the VP Business Development for a fledgling internet start-up called Care2 that provides online services to charitable giving organizations. In his five years of full time employment, he launched Care2's primary revenue source allowing the start-up to grow to a team of 50, reach profitability, and continue as a viable entity to this day. That work continued on a part-time basis between 2005-2009 as he pursued his Ph.D. in resource economics at the University of Maryland. He has been published in Land Economics, Public Works Financing, Journal of the American Water Works Association, Journal of Environmental Engineering, and Science magazine as well as made appearances on NPR and Fox Business Network discussing market design. Stocking also holds a BS in chemical engineering and MS in environmental engineering, both from Stanford University.


Present Faculty Member, Congressional Budget Office

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Auctions and market design, Charitable giving and field experiments, Environmental and Energy Economics, and Microeconomics and Game Theory

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