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A comparative wear study on heat-treated aluminium-lithium alloy and pure aluminium
Materials Science and Engineering A (1999)

Wear behaviour of solution-treated and aged aluminium-lithium alloy (2.5% Li, 2% Cu, 1% Mg and 0.15% Zr) was compared with that of pure aluminium. Wear tests were carried out in ambient air in a pin-on-disc type apparatus under dry sliding conditions using hardened steel disc as the counterbody. A normal load of 10 N and a linear speed of 0.98 m s-1 were used during the tests. Microscopic investigation, microhardness measurement on the subsurface of wear scars on pins, X-ray diffraction study and morphological examination of wear debris were done to elucidate wear mechanism. It has been found that the wear resistance of the aluminium-lithium alloy is about two and half times higher than that of pure aluminium. Subsurface deformation, delamination, etc. have been found during the wear of the aluminium-lithium alloy, while severe adhesive wear has been identified as the main mechanism in pure aluminium. © 1999 Elsevier Science S.A.

  • Aluminium-lithium alloy,
  • Wear,
  • X-ray diffraction,
  • Aging of materials,
  • Aluminum,
  • Deformation,
  • Delamination,
  • Heat treatment,
  • Microhardness,
  • Microscopic examination,
  • Morphology,
  • Surfaces,
  • Wear of materials,
  • X ray diffraction analysis,
  • Aluminum lithium alloy,
  • Microhardness measurement,
  • Aluminum alloys
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"A comparative wear study on heat-treated aluminium-lithium alloy and pure aluminium" Materials Science and Engineering A Vol. 268 Iss. 1-2 (1999)
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